Pafos Innovation Institute


The geographical triangle that covers the eastern Mediterranean Basin, from Athens to Alexandria to Jerusalem, is the cradle of Western culture; it is from this region that social, scientific and spiritual innovations were disseminated throughout the world. Democracy was born in Athens, in Alexandria the foundation was laid for the management of human knowledge, and it was Jerusalem that presented the Jewish and Christian faith to the world.

Now, thousands of years later, a new venture, based on a revolutionary vision that was realized 26 years ago by Prof. Uriel Reichman, seeks to revive the intellectual and entrepreneurial cooperation among the citizens of the region, with the aim of fostering collaborations and generating solutions to challenges in the areas of water, energy and food security.

At this Mediterranean intersection, particularly during a period of local and international religious and national tensions, the Pafos Innovation Institute aims to create an oasis of creativity and learning where people who strive towards progress and innovation can meet and engage in professional and personal dialogue.

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