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Dr. Doron Israeli

Dr. Doron Israeli received his PhD in Business Administration with concentration in Accounting from Stanford University. Dr. Israeli also holds an MS degree in Statistics from Stanford University and a BA degree in Economics, Accounting, and Management from Tel-Aviv University (summa cum laude).
Dr. Israeli’s interests and expertise are in empirical capital markets research. Specifically, Dr. Israeli explores the role of financial reporting in capital markets, and investigates the effects of capital markets frictions and human cognitive constraints on investor trading activity, stock pricing efficiency, and corporate investment policy.
Dr. Israeli has vast experience in the corporate world. He is a CPA (Israel). Prior to starting his PhD studies at Stanford University, he worked in the Corporate Finance Division of Israel Securities Authority (ISA) and in the Professional Practice Department of Ernst & Young (EY), Israel.
Dr. Israeli’s teaching interests include courses in Accounting, Econometrics, and Finance.


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“Recognition versus disclosure: evidence from fair value of investment property”  Review of Accounting Studies [20(4): 1457-1503 (December 2015)]

“Disentangling mandatory IFRS reporting and changes in enforcement” (with Mary E. Barth) Journal of Accounting and Economics [56(2-3): 178-188 (December 2013)].

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