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Dr. Dan Segal


PhD, from New York University, 2000
Dr. Segal has taught managerial accounting and financial accounting at top North American universities, including the University of Toronto, where he served as an assistant professor. Dr. Segal has published research papers in leading accounting journals. His primary research interests include earnings management, valuation and the effects of accounting information on economic decisions.


Analysts’ Ability and Reaction to Non-Earnings News, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Forthcoming (with Amir Rubin and Benjamin Segal)
“Are managers strategic in reporting non-earnings related items in 8-K filings? Evidence on timing and news bundling”, Review of Accounting Studies, 2016, 21[4], 1203-1244 (with Benjamin Segal)
“Testing the Duffie-Lando Model: The Case of Mandatory IFRS Adoption”, Management Science, 2016, 62[12], 3472-3493 (with Jeffrey L. Callen and Gauri Bhat)
“Wealth and Compensation Inequality in the US: Why Economic Growth is Likely to Lead to Further Income Inequality”, 
Journal of Macroeconomics, 2015, 45, 258-273 (with Amir Rubin)
“Credit Risk under IFRS”, 
Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance, Forthcoming (with Jeffrey L. Callen and Gauri Bhat)
“An Analytical and Empirical Measure of the Degree of Conditional Conservatism”, 
Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance, Forthcoming (with Jeffrey L. Callen) “The Complementary Relationship between Financial and Non-Financial Information in the Biotechnology Industry and the Degree of Investor Sophistication”, Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics, 2010, V6[2], 61-77 (with Jeffrey L. Callen and Ilanit Gavious) “A Variance Decomposition Primer for Accounting Researchers”, Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance, 2010, 25:121-142 (with Jeffrey L. Callen)
” The Pricing of Conservative Accounting and the Measurement of Conservatism at the Firm-Year Level”, 
Review of Accounting Studies, 2010, V15 (1), 145-178 (with Jeffrey L. Callen and Ole-Kristian Hope)
“The Impact of Earnings on the Pricing of Credit Default Swaps”, 
the Accounting Review, September 2009, V84, 1363-1394 (with Jeffrey L. Callen and Joshua Livnat)
“The Long-Term Effects of Cross-Listing, Investor Recognition, and Ownership Structure on Valuation”, 
Review of Financial Studies, 2009, V22, 2393-2421 (with Michael King)
“Revenue Manipulation for Valuation Purposes”, 
Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, 2008, V27 (2), 1-29 (with Jeffrey L. Callen and Sean Robb)
Market segmentation and equity valuation: Comparing Canada and
the United States
”, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, 2008, V18, 245-258 (with Michael King)
”The Information Content of SEC Filings and Investor Sophistication: A Variance Decomposition Analysis”, 
the Accounting Review, 2006, V 81 (5), 1017-1043 (with Jeffrey L. Callen and Joshua Livnat)
“An Empirical Test of the Feltham-Ohlson (1995) Model”, 
Review of Accounting Studies, 2005, V 10, 409-429 (With Jeffrey L. Callen)
“The Valuation of Domestic and Foreign Earnings and the Impact of Investor Sophistication”, 
Journal of Accounting Research, 2005, V 43(3), P.1-36 (with Jeffrey L. Callen and Ole-Kristian Hope)
“Do Accruals Drive Stock Returns? A Variance Decomposition Analysis”, 
Journal of Accounting Research, 2004, V 42(3), P.527-560 (With Jeffrey L. Callen)
“Profitability, growth and Efficiency in the U.S Life Insurance Industry”, 
Journal of Productivity Analysis, 2004, V 21(3), P.229-247 (With William H. Greene)
“A Multi-Product Cost Study of the U.S Life Insurance Industry”, 
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 2003, V 20 (2), p.169-186
“An Economic Analysis of Life Insurance Company Expenses”, 
North American Actuarial Journal, 2003, V 6 (4), p.81-94

“Which Canadian firms benefit most from cross-listing on a U.S. stock exchange?”, 
Canadian Investment Review, 2008, Fall, P24-30 (with Michael King)
“Accounting Restatements:  Are They Always Bad News for Investors?”, 
Journal of Investing, Fall 2006 (With Jeffrey L. Callen and Joshua Livnat) “International Cross-Listing and the Bonding Hypothesis”, Bank of Canada Working Paper, 2004-17 (May) (With Michael King) “Valuation of Canadian- vs. U.S.-Listed Equity: Is There a Discount?”, Bank of Canada Working Paper, 2003-06 (March) (With Michael King)
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Canadian Investment Review, 2003 V 16(4), P8-19 (With Michael King)

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