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Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and predictive analytics are fundamentally changing the way businesses, governments and NGOs operate and make decisions. These technologies are unlocking exciting business opportunities in areas as diverse as healthcare, transportation, finance and payment technologies, commerce, digital communications, and real estate.

Designed and instructed by leading international experts and practitioners— will provide an overview of AI fundamentals.

Explore a range of AI technologies and their potential to disrupt the industry.

Learn how to apply AI to achieve successful outcomes.

Focus on the unique value proposition AI solutions present for various industries.

Investigate the legal, PR and marketing challenges that AI adoption presents.

Gain insights into how AI can be harnessed to add value to your organizations.

Draw from the experiences of successful AI start-ups in Israel – The Startup Nation.

Grasp the technical underpinnings of AI.


Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the legal and ethical challenges, regulatory requirements, industry standards, social and policy considerations of AI

Learn how to navigate the complex AI landscape> Analyze real-world AI applications, and appreciate near-future AI innovation and its impact on a broader scale

Gain knowledge and tools to envision the potential of AI and to leverage these insights to become AI leader

Collaborate and network with like-minded peers and colleagues from other industries and jurisdictions

Apply ideas from the course to your businesses.

Program Director
Dr. Aviv Gaon
Course id
Start date
Starting Soon in accordance with Covid 19 regulations
3 Days
Who should attend


No prior knowledge of computer science or AI technologies is required.

This course is suitable for executive managers, business decision-makers, innovation managers, business and strategy consultants, in-house legal counsel, law professionals, and regulation and compliance officers. Investors seeking to understand how AI technologies can benefit their portoflios should also attend.

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