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In these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, health organizations must innovate and provide immediate technology solutions to the pressing needs of the population.

Digital health is rapidly transforming patient treatment and affects the entire health system – from hospitals, care providers, insurance agencies, to governments and patients.  Data-driven innovation makes healthcare more personalized, predictive, preventive, and accessible.

At the same time, health organizations face a massive challenge in integrating innovation and data technologies into their workflow.  Proven techniques—even those with viable business models and clearly defined solutions—cannot be leveraged without managerial support and well-defined innovation frameworks.

A structured Open Innovation process enables organizations to source and assess innovative technologies more effectively, resulting in more successful collaborations.

Discover the full potential of digital transformation in health settings

Learn to design and execute open innovation strategies in their organization

Be exposed to cutting-edge technologies developed in Israel

Experience peer-to-peer learning with other health executives.

Program Director
Dr. Jonathan Menuhin
Start date
Starting Soon in accordance with Covid 19 regulations
3 days
Who should attend

This course is designed for innovation leaders who lead the implementation of innovation within their health organizations and may also professionally scout, assess, and collaborate with tech companies. Participants may belong to any health organization, such as hospitals, health clinics, HMOs, NGOs etc.

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