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During these times of rapid change and high uncertainty, innovative companies increasingly recognize the benefits of in-house research and information gathering for strategic decision making. Cyber-intelligence enables the extraction of valuable insights from the massive amount of information, knowledge and data available over the Internet. Cyber-intelligence uses unconventional methods and advanced techniques for predictive analysis in the business context.

Get exposed to state-of-the-art intelligence technologies, tools, and investigation techniques and learn how to apply if in your organization.

Learn how to assess competitors’ capabilities, intentions, and activities in online spaces.

Develop know-how to prepare credible intelligence reports and confidential briefings.

Get familiar with methods to validate information received from external sources to minimize the costs of inadequate research and fake news.

Develop advanced knowledge and skills in online information search, and analytics. 

Course Objectives

Specifically, this course will train the participants in advanced techniques for intelligence and data gathering in the Deep Web and Darknet. You will learn how to use these capabilities to strengthen business fundamentals and improve your company performance.

Program Director
Mr. Guy Klisman
Start date
Starting Soon in accordance with Covid 19 regulations
3 Days
Who should attend

This course is suitable for CEOs, executive managers, business decision-makers, innovation managers, business and strategy consultants, and anyone who wants to bring the benefits of advanced cyber-intelligence to their organization. No prior knowledge, intelligence, or technical background is needed.