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Frequently Asked Questions

MBA (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) 

Why should I study at PII? 

The MBA program at PII is unique and equips the graduates with practical knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and tools to tackle the challenges of the East Mediterranean. 

Key benefits of the program include: 

For more information about the MBA degree at PII, please see the program brochure HERE

How is this MBA/MA different from other MBA programs? 

The MBA at PII is a unique one-year program focusing on the management of fast-growth, innovative companies. Designed for maximum career impact, the MBA curriculum combines business theory with a practical study of innovation, start-ups and entrepreneurship. 

The diverse background and experience of our lecturers and students strengthens and differentiates the MBA program, offering students many opportunities to innovate and work together in solving the challenges of the Eastern Mediterranean. 

Inspiring and challenging, the MBA program includes immersive, hands-on experience, including workshops, guest lectures, and field projects where you will have the opportunity to develop your ideas, all under the guidance of qualified lecturers and experienced managers from industry.

What are my career options after I complete my MBA degree? 

This program is highly suitable for candidates wishing to broaden their knowledge and develop the skills to take up leadership and managerial roles in start-ups, small and medium-sized companies and larger corporations in the areas of innovation, business development, digital marketing, business intelligence, financial and company administration, and online operations.  

The MBA program also equips students with the skills and confidence to become entrepreneurs and set up their companies or technological and high-tech start-ups. 

Is this program or individual lectures available online? Can I study remotely?

The MBA program aims to equip graduates with practical skills and entrepreneurial tools to prepare them for exciting careers as entrepreneurs or managers working for companies. Students cannot effectively develop these skillsets online and, therefore, we require attendance on campus in person. 

One of this program’s objectives is to enable students to form collaborations and lasting relationships with their peers during their studies. Again, this goal is not achievable via online teaching. 

However, PII embraces and promotes the benefits of digital interactions. We record all lectures and make them available to those students who miss a class for justified reasons. 

What if the corona situation does not significantly improve by September? Can I study online then?

Concerning COVID-19, Cyprus is one of the safest countries, and the current epidemiological situation is favourable. We assume that by September 2021, Cyprus will be Covid-free. Suppose for some reason this does not happen. In that case, we plan to offer all courses in a hybrid format, combining teaching in the class with digital lectures, seminars and assignments. 

The wellbeing of our students is our highest priority. Given the small size of MBA classes at PII, our preference is to conduct teaching in-person to the extent allowed under health regulations in place at the time. 

Can I work while studying at the PII?

The MBA is a full-time program, with teaching/classes held four days a week—Mondays to Thursday—typically between 9 am and 3 pm. Occasional activities may be held on Fridays. Additionally, students need to allocate time to prepare assignments and do the required readings. Taking all these commitments into account, some students may find it challenging to study and work concurrently. Nevertheless, some students prefer to take part-time jobs in their free time.

I want to set up a company while studying at PII? Is this is a good idea?

One of the key objectives of this program is to equip students with the skills and confidence to become entrepreneurs and set up their companies or technological and high-tech start-ups. However, the MBA program is challenging and requires full-time attendance on campus and substantial preparation for classes and exams. These commitments may leave you little time to run your own company while studying towards your MBA. At the same time, you will be able to use this program to fully develop and test some of your business ideas as part of your assigned projects, practicum and group exercises with peers. 

When does this program start? 

The MBA program is scheduled to start on 25 September (opening event), with teaching commencing the following day. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in science (or law or engineering)? Can I apply for the MBA program? 

Yes, indeed. We would encourage you to apply as we recognize that innovation and entrepreneurship require diverse skillset. The MBA program is highly suitable for students with strong quantitative skills and those coming from humanities, science and engineering, and other disciplines. The diverse background and experience of our students strengthens and differentiates the MBA program, offering students opportunities to work together in solving the challenges of the Eastern Mediterranean. 

How can I apply to study at PII? 

To apply, please complete your application form online HERE.

To assess your application for enrolment, the PII requires the applicants to submit the following: 

Do you require the originals of my previous degrees? 

No. Scanned photocopies of the original documents will be accepted if they are properly notarized. All documents must bear the official stamp of the issuing institution. 

Further, you must submit a certified English translation for all transcripts not originally issued in English. Again, a notarized copy of the official translation will be sufficient.

How much does the MBA/MA degree cost? 

PII strives to offer a world-class MBA program designed to meet the current challenges facing leaders and managers in the Eastern Mediterranean. You will be taught by professors, lecturers and practitioners who teach at some of the best universities in the world. The cost of the MBA program is 15,000 Euro. This amount covers tuition for the whole program and other related expenses. 

Housing and living expenses are NOT included in the tuition fee. PII provides students with discounted accommodation, health insurance and other benefits that students may draw upon at PII.   

Furthermore, PII provides scholarships to qualified candidates from selected countries. Please email us for more information –

Does PII provide accommodation? 

Yes, PII has in place agreements with accommodation providers offering affordable housing to our students. The recommended accommodation options are within walking distance to the campus, and close to the city centre and beaches. 

Located in western Cyprus, the ancient coastal city of Pafos offers pleasant, mild climate (all year round) and excellent facilities for business and leisure. The Pafos International Airport is 6,5 km away. 

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