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Application & Registration Process

Here are a few things that you need to know before submitting your application

Application Period

Early application period: One calendar year before starting the Program 

Late application period:  June, 30. 2021

In order to be considered a candidate for studies at the Pafos Innovation Institute (PII) and have the application evaluated during one of the above-mentioned periods, applicants must submit all of the information, grade transcripts and official documents (original copies) required to the PII by the final date of the relevant application period.

PII reserves the right to impose stricter standards upon applicants who apply during the late application period and upon candidates who submit the required documentation late. There are fewer spaces available to applicants during the late application period. Those who submit applications during the early application period will be given preference.

Application Fee

Application Fee: EUR 100

The application fee can be paid Online at: 

Applicant Status

Documents to Submit

Original official documents must be submitted in one of the following manners:

Additional Documents to Submit:

Applicants who hold Degrees outside the EU

Applicants with degrees granted by institutions outside of the European Union are subject to the application requirements, with some necessary modifications. Their degrees will be evaluated by a special admissions committee that will decide on eligibility to enroll. For documents issued in a language other than English, an official transcript in English should be submitted together with the original documents.

Application Process

  1. The application process has two stages:

Stage A: Evaluation of the information the applicants submit according to the requirements in item #2.

Stage B: Applicants who successfully pass Stage A will be invited to an interview (the interview will be conducted in English), at the discretion of the admissions committee. 

Tuition fee

 Tuition    Due date
 EUR 3,000As requested by the Admissions Office
EUR 2,000September 10, 2021
 EUR 2,500November 5, 2021
 EUR 2,500December 24, 2021
 EUR 2,500February 25, 2022
EUR 2,500April 7, 2022

Interest and processing fees may be charged for options B and C.

For further information please consult our TUITION REGULATIONS FOR ONE-YEAR MBA.

Regulations for the Cessation of Studies Notification procedure for cessation of studies

Students who pay the deposit for the XX academic year and decide not to study during that year must inform the Admissions Office of this in writing (with a letter sent by mail, fax or email). It is the students’ responsibility to confirm that this notification was received. To prevent any misunderstandings, please note that a phone call is not considered valid notification of the cessation of studies. Notification is considered valid only if it is submitted in writing and received by the admissions office.

Notification to cancel or terminate studies at any point in time constitutes a revocation of eligibility for any scholarships which were awarded to the student.

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